Huawei Games

Mainly focusing on development and operation of mobile online games, the company concentrates on research and development together with release games based on online literature IP and launches games such as Xueyinglingzhu (Snow Eagle Lord), Tangmen World, The Legend of Jade Sword and Peerless Tianfu, successively, which have obtained remarkable achievements. Those games aim at a consumer group, mainly consisting male netizens of new generation aged between 16 and 35.

Shenzhen Diyibo Network Tech CO., LTD.

Funded in September 2013, Shenzhen Diyibo Network Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huawei Culture (002502), is a company based on industrial operations of online literature IP. This wholly-owned subsidiary takes “becoming IP brand operator in the Internet era” as it mission, keeps operation and content creation of IP as the central task, brings all the values of IP into full play in various forms such as animation, film and TV, online games and derivative products and actively expand business by coordinating business development of game. It concentrates on providing diversified, high-quality and comprehensive interaction entertainment experience, including online games, literature, animation, film and TV and derivative products. Up till now, the company has succeeded in launching games adapted from works of platinum writes from, including Tangmen World, The Legend of Jade Sword, Peerless Tianfu, Bodyguard of School Beauty and Bing Huo Mo Chu, etc.