Huawei Investment

The company mainly concentrates on investment of internet, culture industry, industry funds, financial services and high and new technology. With Huawei Hong Kong and Qianhai Huawei, two wholly-owned subsidiaries, taking the responsibility of business related to external investment, the company evaluates, selects and invests in related projects with potential by methods such as establishment, merger and acquisition of industry funds, so as to create a flexible and independent investment platform and realize extensional layout of pan-entertainment sectors. Up till now, the company has participated in multiple subjects related to internet culture such as China Digital Interaction, China United Television and so on.


Shenzhen Qianhai Huawei Investment Co., Ltd., established in April 2015, acts as a capital operation platform for Huawei Culture (002502), a listed company. Based on following development trend of internet culture industry, the company explores potential values of high-quality enterprise in internet culture industry, actively conducts extensional investment layout, and promote transfer and upgrade of Huawei Culture by depending on capitals.

Qianhai Huawei focuses on research and investment of internet culture IP industry, which takes exploring superior IP at home and abroad as upstream and businesses such as crossover operations and re-creation of IP, product release, brand construction and marketing as the downstream. Lay out the whole industry chain of IP by centering on animation, literature, film and TV, games, sports, tourism, education and derivative products, and accurately discover outstanding enterprises and potential stocks within the industry of internet culture IP. Integrate cooperativity of target company within the industry chain layout of listed companies by relying on their advantages in capital and resources, and also provide capital operation of listed companies with a much more effective support.

Zhuhai Hengqin Huaweizhexing Internet Culture Industry Investment Fund, with total scale of RMB100 million, was jointly founded by Magellan Fund, a professional investment institute, and our company in July 2015. After foundation, the fund has deepened diversified, interrelated and recreational strategic center of culture industry of listed companies. At the same time, it also explores new emerging fields in a timely fashion, selects high-quality enterprises, possessing excellent synergistic effect with existing properties of our company, and strives to boost horizontal expansion and vertical exploration of diversified, interrelated and recreational culture industry strategic layout of the company by industrial cooperation and investment in capital. Currently, this fund has completed investment in, Xiaobailong and Changxianghuyu, etc.

In order to complete the layout of industry chain of film and television, the company jointly established Hangzhou Zhonghua Investment Management Co., Ltd. with Zhongzhi Enterprise in September 2015 and founded investment fund for film and television industry, with major investment orientation focused on operations of investment and acquisition in industry chain of film and television such as film and television production, IP operations, culture innovation, network media channel and interactive programs of satellite televisions. All have brought strong complementarity.

Possessing professional investment team, Qianhai Huawei has completed investment in operations of IP derivative products and internet enterprises with businesses of tailored tourism. Developing in-depth cooperation with prominent venture capital companies like Shenzhen Capital and Fortune Venture Capital as well was investment bank department of major securities traders, the company has stored multiple high-quality enterprise projects in fields of game, We Media and literary creation. Adhere to concept of “Happy Life and Happy Investment” and contribute to long-term development of Huawei Culture.