Huawei Media

Main businesses of the company are production and releasing of teleplay, supplemented by online teleplays. It concentrates on plan, production and release of exquisite teleplays, including numerous teleplays with good reputation, such as the Starry Night the Starry Sea, Stay with Me, Chronicle of Life, Housewife Detective, Destined to Love You and so on. Audiences are mainly made up of female aged between 16 and 45.


As a video entertainment subsidiary of Hua Wei Culture (002502), the Dream Star Garden has been known as the "dream factory of the excellent romance drama" by virtue of its novel theme and exquisite production standard. On behalf of the works "Twilight Snow on a thousand Mountains", "Ruyi", "the most Beautiful time", "Jin Yuliang", "the Man who caught the Rainbow", "just like you", "give me up and hold on to me", "that starry sky and that sea", and so on are all hot spots in the market. Among them, many of the works repeatedly set national TV viewing record, the network click and the discussion heat is high, the work in the harvest good reputation at the same time, also has won a lot of popularity An idolatry actor in a romantic drama.

It is the core of the company's creation and pursuit, but also the value of the company's brand. In 2015, the Dream Star Garden launched a strong "dream plan", covering the Qing Palace, the Republic of China, modern, youth, Magic and other diverse themes, not only strong IP adaptation works is the main innovation of original works, emphasizing the heart of the craftsman to create boutique words. By Jia Nailiang, Li Xiaolu and his wife, the female inspirational laugh and love drama "the Cooking woman" was broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite TV on January 8, 2016. It is a new exploration of the Republic of China drama. Starring Liu Kaiwei, Zheng Shuang, Michelle, etc., adapted from the bandits I think Ten-year Classic IP "Garden empty and Lonely Spring scenery is dying" on Feb 1, 2016, it was broadcast in Zhejiang Satellite TV's prime season, with a one-month online-on-demand volume of more than 4 billion. Chen Jon, Wang Kai starring in the new original modern love theme "give me up" on December 11, 2016 in Hunan Satellite TV broadcast, to create urban fashion drama benchmark, 22 consecutive days of double-screen ratings exceeded 8 billion, The modern fantasy love novel "that starry sky and that sea" was also broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV on February 6, 2017, followed by "that Star and that Sea" on October 2, 2017 in Hunan Wei. On June 25, 2018, the Metropolitan Love Drama, starring Dilraba and Deng Lun, premiered in Hunan Satellite TV's Golden Eagle stage, and broadcast simultaneously in Youku video and Tencent video, followed by Zhou Dongyu. Luo Jin's Urban Workplace emotional Drama "King behind the scenes" was launched on January 5, 2019 at Dongfang Satellite TV, Beijing Satellite TV, and broadcast simultaneously in Youku video, with big and small screens. The forensic drama, I know your Secret, starring Huang Zongze and Ye Qing, is on the air.

Hua Wei dream star garden will continue to pursue the depth and breadth of creative perspective, only to do the best words and feelings of the production philosophy, and everyone to "share wisdom, share happiness."