Huawei Media

Main businesses of the company are production and releasing of teleplay, supplemented by online teleplays. It concentrates on plan, production and release of exquisite teleplays, including numerous teleplays with good reputation, such as the Starry Night the Starry Sea, Stay with Me, Chronicle of Life, Housewife Detective, Destined to Love You and so on. Audiences are mainly made up of female aged between 16 and 45.


Dream Stardom, a wholly-owned subsidiary, insists on original intention of creating high-quality content and producing all works with artisan spirit. Possessing novel creative theme, outstanding production level and professional marketing team, Dream Stardom has obtained a development trend of both great reputation and satisfactory audience rating, as well as continuously improving performance.

In 2015, Dream Stardom introduced “Dream Project” overwhelmingly, covering diversified themes such as palace of Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China, modern times, youth and fantasy. The company owns not only works adapted from the best IP, but also numerous original dramas, highlighting exquisite romance plays produces with artisan spirit. Housewife Detective, a suspenseful female inspirational romance comedy starred by the couple, Jerry Jia and Jacqueline Li, was aired from January 8, 2016 and retained the first place of audience rating, which was a new exploration of teleplay of the Republic of China. Chronicle of Life, starred by Hawick Lau, Zheng Shuang and Michelle, etc., was adapted from a 10-year classic IP of the same name written by Feiwosicun. This teleplay, broadcasted on February 1, 2016, continued to hold the first place of audience rating during the same period for 16 consecutive days with a monthly video view of over 4 billion.

Stay with Me, an original TV play with the most focus pictures on portal website in the year of 2016, was quite popular even before the broadcast. Related topics on Weibo have exceeded 1.6 billion with over 2 million discussions during production. The audience rating ranked the first on three satellite TVs among TV plays of the same period and total video view exceeded 9 billion, proving excellent artisan conception and production level of the writer. Dream Stardom has won market and high-level recognition of audience by excellent concept and exquisite content.

In continuous pursuit of creation perspective with depth and breadth, Huawei Dream Stardom sticks to a concept of only producing exquisite romance drama and “share intelligence and share happiness” with everyone.